Attention: Mike Schwalbach is a Fraud




Mike Schwalbach and his team members are continuously ripping simple people of their money. No one can stop them because they have several names and accounts. One of their fake products available on the market today is called Advidi. According to them, it is an affiliate marketing program. Through this platform affiliate, marketers and advertisers can achieve their goals. However, we are just sure – there isn’t anything true about their claims. In fact, their claims are lies. They are not the only ones. Thousands of other similar scammers are operating online! Let us talk more about this important subject.

It is Mere Exaggeration!

This is the only thing that came to our mind when we first visit their website. Its mere exaggeration and twisting of facts. We know and understand how affiliate marketing works. But it doesn’t work in a way Mike Schwalbach is claiming. Thus, their website is bogus and don’t have anything serious on it. They are a complete failure as they don’t have a single example to show. According to their claims, millions of dollars have been dispatched by them since the time of their inception. Well again! It’s a blunt lie. They don’t have any documentary evidence. Similarly, their claims about the number of their employees and about the long list of countries where they operate don’t have to do with the truth as well.

They are Modern Scammers

Well, with the passage of the time and the modernization of the society scammers have also upgraded them. Now, they have all the resources to come ahead with a fascinating website. Thousands of contract artists are available for the production of excellent and fine-tuned promos. Similarly, a huge number of article writers are also available for the outsourcing of promising promos. Still, all these things cannot help Mike Schwalbach because we won’t allow them to misguide the masses. A tiny majority, however, becomes a victim of such claims frequently.

Be Rational and Say no to Mike Schwalbach

In our view, a person with least knows how and information about the interest-based marketing is not going to say “yes” to Mike Schwalbach and others like him. A simple analysis and security of the claims can lead you to the right conclusions. So, always proceed with having a realistic approach. Don’t become the subject of scams just because they have a lot of mouthwatering claims to make. Another important thing! Don’t proceed with the affiliate marketing when you don’t even know the basics. Want to earn money? It’s fine – but it is quite a bit a technical thing. You cannot have it done without proper training and learning. So go and learn first. Remember, Mike Schwalbach and his team are just like alligators.

They aren’t a legitimate Business

Yes! At least we, haven’t seen anything that can support their claim of being a legitimate business. On the other hand, we have seen thousands of complaints about them.  Mike Schwalbach never come out. He is someone hidden, and no one knows about his actual location and area from he operates.  Believe us! There are certain laws and any business failing in complying with these requirements can be counted as a legal one. As far as our unbiased, factual and research-based knowledge is concerned, Advidi isn’t a registered and recognized business. They never paid taxes up to the mark. In short, Mike Schwalbach is a cheater, and our readers should keep themselves away from him and his so called marketing platform. It is not going to work. No one ever received the much-anticipated paycheck from them ever!

Mike Schwalbach


Mike Schwalbach – One of the Biggest Frauds




Well, go online and check scam review websites – you will find everyone talking about Mike Schwalbach. He is a talented guy, but unfortunately, he is using his talent in a very negative way. After looting the people around for years and through several ways these days he is operating in an organized manner. His current venture is called Advidi. A marketing firm (so-called) that can be joined by advertisers and affiliates for the sake of their goals.

Mike Schwalbach – the Scammer

In fact, it isn’t wrong to call him as the biggest internet based scammer. He is ripping people off their money. Many simple and less technical users online are on his radar. What he do is simple. He is selling dreams by showing his audiences, luxurious cars, and well-dressed millionaires. Let us inform you. We are quite well aware of the facts and the basics of the affiliate marketing. What Mike Schwalbach was doing is not marketing, and it is a waste of money in everyday language. So don’t buy anything from him. His program Alvidi is useless junk.

I am Impressed by their Website

Yes! Go online and check Advidi website. Check those offices featured in pictures and videos. And what about those young employees? Let us tell you it is not a big deal for a marketing firm. They can hire people, and they can rent locations for the filming of such promotional videos. What about the proofs? Who knows about the reality of those offices and employees. According to their website Advidi have already paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to hundreds of their affiliates. Magnificent statistics – once again without even a single evidence. Today, everyone can use simple tools and content management systems online for the creation of such a fascinating website.

Mike Schwalbach and his “Promises.”

It is not very difficult for scammers to make promises. They do it every day, and they don’t take it very seriously. What all they want is money and nothing else. They don’t care about their reputation because they seldom use their real name and identity. So, getting busted once isn’t anything serious for them. You will find them coming ahead with something new and even more devastating the very next day.  It is good that some organizations are working hard to keep track of such scammers. However, in this highly interconnected world, it is not easy to reach them and to stop them from their activities.

Don’t take their mouthwatering claims seriously!

Have you ever heard about pressure tactics? If not, then please go online and check some articles about this phenomena. It is a common one that is used by the scammers like Mike Schwalbach. What they do is simple yet quite effective. They play with the emotions of already troubled users. They tell them about the possibility of significant money and achievements overnight. Please! Don’t turn an ear to their claims. Here let us say one important thing. You and other users can now report such scammers online and effortlessly. Are you a victim of Advidi? Don’t stay behind and don’t take their emails seriously. They are not going to pay you ever.

Where to file a report?

Every country has its system. As an example consider you are in the United Kingdom. There a department called Action Fraud is accepting complaints and people who come from Australia can proceed by reporting to the ScamWatch. The best way, however, is to keep yourself away from scam artists like Mike Schwalbach. He and his team members are evil as they are looting innocents. In most cases, already distressed and disturbed people go to them while seeking some comfort. But, they don’t care about your current and worsening financial issues. For them, you are an opportunity and a source of money, and that’s all.

Mike Schwalbach

Mike Schwalbach & His So called Marketing Program




Well, today we are going to discuss one of the most dangerous scammers whose documented and known the name is Mike Schwalbach. Go online and check what people have to say about this man. We got that! The moment we accessed his website while researching for facts about this man and his so called marketing program called Advidi.

Advidi and Mike Schwalbach are a Classical Example

Yes! They are one of the best examples that can be given for teaching the people about the creation and operations of an online scam. What they are doing is not new. It’s a continuation but with a much more efficient approach. Here, allow us to commend this man. Whatever he is doing is wrong. But we are quite amazed by the way he is doing this business. He knows how to seduce people for ripping their money. Advidi is his best tool and this so-called affiliate marketing platform is helping him earn thousands of dollars each day.

The Reputation of Advidi

When it comes to the status of this so-called marketing platform by Mike Schwalbach, it is not okay definitely.  Don’t tell us about some positive reviews online. This is nothing but fabricated stuff. In today’s world where outsourcing has become a routine thing, tons of testimonials can be bought for a few dollars. On some websites, you might found this program among the toppers. Don’t consider them to be correct. They are not good, and they are misleading people for the sake of their interest. Its affiliate marketing within itself. Some marketers are trying to sell Advidi for earning some money.

Things which are making him suspicious

Several things are making Mike Schwalbach and his so called company suspicious and doubtful to an alarming level. First, we don’t know about the background of this person. We haven’t heard his name anywhere, and he appeared suddenly as a claimant of being a marketing guru. In addition to this, thousands of complaints were lodged against him to date, and the number is growing.  So we cannot call him a trustworthy man. He is selling a system which according to him is capable of letting the people earn mad money. But we cannot understand why he wants an upfront fee? If he is damn sure about the functionality of his system, then he can have his cut at a later stage. In short, Mike Schwalbach and his fairy tales have nothing to do with the reality.

Don’t act like a Desperate Person?

We know, sometimes financial troubles and hardships can lead a person to a state of high anxiety and depression. Here comes the dangerous part! People like Mike Schwalbach have no interest in your wellbeing and success. What they need is nothing but money. Don’t expect any mercy from them. They are not going to spare anyone. They don’t have a living soul and heart. In short, they don’t care! So, being a desperate person don’t take any wrong step. You can earn a lot of money online, but it takes some skills and time. Nothing happens overnight. Go ahead with something genuine.

Want to be a successful affiliate marketer?

Keep in mind not everyone can be a successful online marketer. It has a lot to do with the technical stuff. It involves website building, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. You cannot market for an affiliate without having a successful website or a blog. So, people who are good at computer skills should move ahead in a systematic manner. Don’t allow anyone like Mike Schwalbach to play with your feelings. At the end of the day, they are not going to bring anything!

Mike Schwalbach

Mike Schwalbach – Another Clever Scammer




Today we have decided to talk about Mike Schwalbach. He is a scammer and had huge theft sums of money. In short, no one should take this man seriously nor his so called products. In today`s world scamming has become an industry. A huge number of people are scammed each year online and offline. In fact, the internet has become the favorite tool and medium to scam for people like Mike Schwalbach. He doesn’t have anything to sell. What he is doing is simple yet effective. We can call it dream selling.  Guys like him get themselves trained to play with the emotions of the others. They make big and baseless claims. Money is ripped, and at the end of the day, the subject is left utterly astonished and disturbed. This is how scams work!

Advidi– Another Scam with a Brilliant Website

Excellent internet sites, amazing promotions videos, and good actors – all of these elements remain vital when it comes to the success of a fraud. Go online and check any fraud review website. You will find how smart people are using the element of glamor for fooling others. As far as Mike Schwalbach he is indifferent and even more dangerous. This man and his so-called company are operating just like professional. Initially, even seasoned and well-educated users may fall for the so called and self-acclaimed system, Advidi, Mike Schwalbach is offering. However, the thing will start getting clear for advanced users quite quickly. So don’t rely upon their brilliant website only. They don’t have any established reference. No one knows them in the market. At the end of the day, the money you are going to invest with them is going to reap nothing.

Affiliate Marketing Scams are Widespread

Yes! after the inception of the internet – marketing is known with a new definition and meanings. Today, no brand could even think about a success without investing suitably on the web based marketing. One of the most common marketing arrangement is called affiliate marketing. In this arrangement, indirect marketing is done by independent marketers, and they receive a particular share for achieving a sale. In some cases, money is awarded against clicks and impressions as well. A tremendous opportunity lies here for people like Mike Schwalbach. What they do is not marketing its scamming. They invite marketers to join their network. Sometimes real work is taken from them, and money is made by the vendor itself. However, no money is paid to the marketer. Similar is the case with the Advidi.

Can’t I make Money online? Without Mike Schwalbach

Well yes, you can! We are not saying that online money making is a hoax. It is a reality and thousands of happy users across the globe are making billions of dollars every day. Yet! It cannot be done by getting yourself engaged with people like Mike Schwalbach. They are the rippers. They will steal your money in the name of a startup fee or a little initial investment. As per our findings and research, they haven’t paid anything to anyone. Still, their website is claiming that they have thousands of affiliates and millions of dollars have been dispatched already. Sorry! But this information is not right. In case if you are one of their victims then raise this issue to the authorities. In the United States of the America, several organizations are working against such scams. Some private firms are doing a great job along with their public counterparts.



  • Mike Schwalbach is a scammer
  • They are not a legitimate business
  • You cannot earn anything by affiliating with them
  • It is your responsibility as a responsible citizen – lodge a complaint against


Propagate this message to prevent others from getting trapped by Mike Schwalbach and his team


Mike Schwalbach


Mike Schwalbach and His Rubbish Advidi



These days, people like Mike Schwalbach are trying to play with the emotions of the general public for looting them. The best tactic being used by such scammers is dream selling. In most cases, you will find them with luxurious cars, well settled confidently speaking and well-dressed. Well, whatever they are trying to show is not true. They don’t have anything useful for you. They don’t care whatever kind of issues you are facing. It is not their headache. Often, Mike Schwalbach and his counterparts are seen talking quite humbly. Like they are so moved and hurt with those who cannot enjoy a good life because of having no job or money.

Don’t trust Mike Schwalbach

Believe us – this man is just like an alien in the folds of the online marketing and moneymaking. His so-called ad network, Advidi has never been tested for its authenticity and functionality. To date – we have reviewed hundreds of different affiliate marketing tools and programs. This one is unique. They have a brilliant and quite a well-looking website. According to them, they are operating in more than 140 countries. Their claims are endless but let us tell you – they don’t have any proof. It is something entirely frustrating. In fact, everyone is complaining about them. In most, they are used to block the questioner after an exchange of a few emails. Mike Schwalbach himself is taking care of this racket.

What Mike Schwalbach is looking for?

He is looking for nothing but money. He loves money, and it’s normal for him to loot others for the fulfillment of his endless desires. Perhaps, his claims about Advidi and its capability of making money are valid. But the said program does not work for the others. It is, by the way, working fine for Mike Schwalbach. Today he is a wealthy man. After spoiling the lives of too many people, he is living quite a fantastic life. We are sure; the authorities are going to pick him soon. No one could stay safe after earning a lot of money illegally. Apart from stealing the general public, he is absconding taxes as well.

Report Mike Schwalbach Everywhere

Being a responsible citizen, it is your responsibility. Today we have several great options available. Both the federal and the state governments are working hard to keep the public safe and secure from swindles. – There is a role that we have to play. Don’t allow anyone to play with your emotions. Don’t go with Advidi and any other product; Mike Schwalbach is trying to market and sell. It is not going to work ever. Because there isn’t anything true about his company and his personality is still unidentified. Believe us! It is not going to take a lot of your time. But, your prompt action and contribution can bring safety to many others. So please go ahead and report this fraud artist everywhere.

I want to make online money

Yes! Everyone likes making money online and offline. In case if you are looking to make some money online then don’t worry. There are several possible opportunities available for you. In our view starting in the capacity of an affiliate marketer is something quite complicated. You can never perform well without getting some general training and information about this subject. For some quick money, you could start working as a freelancer. Many online platforms just like, Up work and Elance are available for those who are trying to make some money effortlessly. There you would be able to sell your skills. It is something thousand times better than wasting your money and time while sticking with people like Mike Schwalbach.


Mike Schwalbach