Mike Schwalbach – Another Clever Scammer




Today we have decided to talk about Mike Schwalbach. He is a scammer and had huge theft sums of money. In short, no one should take this man seriously nor his so called products. In today`s world scamming has become an industry. A huge number of people are scammed each year online and offline. In fact, the internet has become the favorite tool and medium to scam for people like Mike Schwalbach. He doesn’t have anything to sell. What he is doing is simple yet effective. We can call it dream selling.  Guys like him get themselves trained to play with the emotions of the others. They make big and baseless claims. Money is ripped, and at the end of the day, the subject is left utterly astonished and disturbed. This is how scams work!

Advidi– Another Scam with a Brilliant Website

Excellent internet sites, amazing promotions videos, and good actors – all of these elements remain vital when it comes to the success of a fraud. Go online and check any fraud review website. You will find how smart people are using the element of glamor for fooling others. As far as Mike Schwalbach he is indifferent and even more dangerous. This man and his so-called company are operating just like professional. Initially, even seasoned and well-educated users may fall for the so called and self-acclaimed system, Advidi, Mike Schwalbach is offering. However, the thing will start getting clear for advanced users quite quickly. So don’t rely upon their brilliant website only. They don’t have any established reference. No one knows them in the market. At the end of the day, the money you are going to invest with them is going to reap nothing.

Affiliate Marketing Scams are Widespread

Yes! after the inception of the internet – marketing is known with a new definition and meanings. Today, no brand could even think about a success without investing suitably on the web based marketing. One of the most common marketing arrangement is called affiliate marketing. In this arrangement, indirect marketing is done by independent marketers, and they receive a particular share for achieving a sale. In some cases, money is awarded against clicks and impressions as well. A tremendous opportunity lies here for people like Mike Schwalbach. What they do is not marketing its scamming. They invite marketers to join their network. Sometimes real work is taken from them, and money is made by the vendor itself. However, no money is paid to the marketer. Similar is the case with the Advidi.

Can’t I make Money online? Without Mike Schwalbach

Well yes, you can! We are not saying that online money making is a hoax. It is a reality and thousands of happy users across the globe are making billions of dollars every day. Yet! It cannot be done by getting yourself engaged with people like Mike Schwalbach. They are the rippers. They will steal your money in the name of a startup fee or a little initial investment. As per our findings and research, they haven’t paid anything to anyone. Still, their website is claiming that they have thousands of affiliates and millions of dollars have been dispatched already. Sorry! But this information is not right. In case if you are one of their victims then raise this issue to the authorities. In the United States of the America, several organizations are working against such scams. Some private firms are doing a great job along with their public counterparts.



  • Mike Schwalbach is a scammer
  • They are not a legitimate business
  • You cannot earn anything by affiliating with them
  • It is your responsibility as a responsible citizen – lodge a complaint against


Propagate this message to prevent others from getting trapped by Mike Schwalbach and his team


Mike Schwalbach



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