Mike Schwalbach & His So called Marketing Program




Well, today we are going to discuss one of the most dangerous scammers whose documented and known the name is Mike Schwalbach. Go online and check what people have to say about this man. We got that! The moment we accessed his website while researching for facts about this man and his so called marketing program called Advidi.

Advidi and Mike Schwalbach are a Classical Example

Yes! They are one of the best examples that can be given for teaching the people about the creation and operations of an online scam. What they are doing is not new. It’s a continuation but with a much more efficient approach. Here, allow us to commend this man. Whatever he is doing is wrong. But we are quite amazed by the way he is doing this business. He knows how to seduce people for ripping their money. Advidi is his best tool and this so-called affiliate marketing platform is helping him earn thousands of dollars each day.

The Reputation of Advidi

When it comes to the status of this so-called marketing platform by Mike Schwalbach, it is not okay definitely.  Don’t tell us about some positive reviews online. This is nothing but fabricated stuff. In today’s world where outsourcing has become a routine thing, tons of testimonials can be bought for a few dollars. On some websites, you might found this program among the toppers. Don’t consider them to be correct. They are not good, and they are misleading people for the sake of their interest. Its affiliate marketing within itself. Some marketers are trying to sell Advidi for earning some money.

Things which are making him suspicious

Several things are making Mike Schwalbach and his so called company suspicious and doubtful to an alarming level. First, we don’t know about the background of this person. We haven’t heard his name anywhere, and he appeared suddenly as a claimant of being a marketing guru. In addition to this, thousands of complaints were lodged against him to date, and the number is growing.  So we cannot call him a trustworthy man. He is selling a system which according to him is capable of letting the people earn mad money. But we cannot understand why he wants an upfront fee? If he is damn sure about the functionality of his system, then he can have his cut at a later stage. In short, Mike Schwalbach and his fairy tales have nothing to do with the reality.

Don’t act like a Desperate Person?

We know, sometimes financial troubles and hardships can lead a person to a state of high anxiety and depression. Here comes the dangerous part! People like Mike Schwalbach have no interest in your wellbeing and success. What they need is nothing but money. Don’t expect any mercy from them. They are not going to spare anyone. They don’t have a living soul and heart. In short, they don’t care! So, being a desperate person don’t take any wrong step. You can earn a lot of money online, but it takes some skills and time. Nothing happens overnight. Go ahead with something genuine.

Want to be a successful affiliate marketer?

Keep in mind not everyone can be a successful online marketer. It has a lot to do with the technical stuff. It involves website building, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. You cannot market for an affiliate without having a successful website or a blog. So, people who are good at computer skills should move ahead in a systematic manner. Don’t allow anyone like Mike Schwalbach to play with your feelings. At the end of the day, they are not going to bring anything!

Mike Schwalbach


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