Mike Schwalbach – One of the Biggest Frauds




Well, go online and check scam review websites – you will find everyone talking about Mike Schwalbach. He is a talented guy, but unfortunately, he is using his talent in a very negative way. After looting the people around for years and through several ways these days he is operating in an organized manner. His current venture is called Advidi. A marketing firm (so-called) that can be joined by advertisers and affiliates for the sake of their goals.

Mike Schwalbach – the Scammer

In fact, it isn’t wrong to call him as the biggest internet based scammer. He is ripping people off their money. Many simple and less technical users online are on his radar. What he do is simple. He is selling dreams by showing his audiences, luxurious cars, and well-dressed millionaires. Let us inform you. We are quite well aware of the facts and the basics of the affiliate marketing. What Mike Schwalbach was doing is not marketing, and it is a waste of money in everyday language. So don’t buy anything from him. His program Alvidi is useless junk.

I am Impressed by their Website

Yes! Go online and check Advidi website. Check those offices featured in pictures and videos. And what about those young employees? Let us tell you it is not a big deal for a marketing firm. They can hire people, and they can rent locations for the filming of such promotional videos. What about the proofs? Who knows about the reality of those offices and employees. According to their website Advidi have already paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to hundreds of their affiliates. Magnificent statistics – once again without even a single evidence. Today, everyone can use simple tools and content management systems online for the creation of such a fascinating website.

Mike Schwalbach and his “Promises.”

It is not very difficult for scammers to make promises. They do it every day, and they don’t take it very seriously. What all they want is money and nothing else. They don’t care about their reputation because they seldom use their real name and identity. So, getting busted once isn’t anything serious for them. You will find them coming ahead with something new and even more devastating the very next day.  It is good that some organizations are working hard to keep track of such scammers. However, in this highly interconnected world, it is not easy to reach them and to stop them from their activities.

Don’t take their mouthwatering claims seriously!

Have you ever heard about pressure tactics? If not, then please go online and check some articles about this phenomena. It is a common one that is used by the scammers like Mike Schwalbach. What they do is simple yet quite effective. They play with the emotions of already troubled users. They tell them about the possibility of significant money and achievements overnight. Please! Don’t turn an ear to their claims. Here let us say one important thing. You and other users can now report such scammers online and effortlessly. Are you a victim of Advidi? Don’t stay behind and don’t take their emails seriously. They are not going to pay you ever.

Where to file a report?

Every country has its system. As an example consider you are in the United Kingdom. There a department called Action Fraud is accepting complaints and people who come from Australia can proceed by reporting to the ScamWatch. The best way, however, is to keep yourself away from scam artists like Mike Schwalbach. He and his team members are evil as they are looting innocents. In most cases, already distressed and disturbed people go to them while seeking some comfort. But, they don’t care about your current and worsening financial issues. For them, you are an opportunity and a source of money, and that’s all.

Mike Schwalbach


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