Attention: Mike Schwalbach is a Fraud




Mike Schwalbach and his team members are continuously ripping simple people of their money. No one can stop them because they have several names and accounts. One of their fake products available on the market today is called Advidi. According to them, it is an affiliate marketing program. Through this platform affiliate, marketers and advertisers can achieve their goals. However, we are just sure – there isn’t anything true about their claims. In fact, their claims are lies. They are not the only ones. Thousands of other similar scammers are operating online! Let us talk more about this important subject.

It is Mere Exaggeration!

This is the only thing that came to our mind when we first visit their website. Its mere exaggeration and twisting of facts. We know and understand how affiliate marketing works. But it doesn’t work in a way Mike Schwalbach is claiming. Thus, their website is bogus and don’t have anything serious on it. They are a complete failure as they don’t have a single example to show. According to their claims, millions of dollars have been dispatched by them since the time of their inception. Well again! It’s a blunt lie. They don’t have any documentary evidence. Similarly, their claims about the number of their employees and about the long list of countries where they operate don’t have to do with the truth as well.

They are Modern Scammers

Well, with the passage of the time and the modernization of the society scammers have also upgraded them. Now, they have all the resources to come ahead with a fascinating website. Thousands of contract artists are available for the production of excellent and fine-tuned promos. Similarly, a huge number of article writers are also available for the outsourcing of promising promos. Still, all these things cannot help Mike Schwalbach because we won’t allow them to misguide the masses. A tiny majority, however, becomes a victim of such claims frequently.

Be Rational and Say no to Mike Schwalbach

In our view, a person with least knows how and information about the interest-based marketing is not going to say “yes” to Mike Schwalbach and others like him. A simple analysis and security of the claims can lead you to the right conclusions. So, always proceed with having a realistic approach. Don’t become the subject of scams just because they have a lot of mouthwatering claims to make. Another important thing! Don’t proceed with the affiliate marketing when you don’t even know the basics. Want to earn money? It’s fine – but it is quite a bit a technical thing. You cannot have it done without proper training and learning. So go and learn first. Remember, Mike Schwalbach and his team are just like alligators.

They aren’t a legitimate Business

Yes! At least we, haven’t seen anything that can support their claim of being a legitimate business. On the other hand, we have seen thousands of complaints about them.  Mike Schwalbach never come out. He is someone hidden, and no one knows about his actual location and area from he operates.  Believe us! There are certain laws and any business failing in complying with these requirements can be counted as a legal one. As far as our unbiased, factual and research-based knowledge is concerned, Advidi isn’t a registered and recognized business. They never paid taxes up to the mark. In short, Mike Schwalbach is a cheater, and our readers should keep themselves away from him and his so called marketing platform. It is not going to work. No one ever received the much-anticipated paycheck from them ever!

Mike Schwalbach


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